Xiaomi USB Drivers

Hey Folks, are you looking for Xiaomi USB Drivers? Here, you can able to download “Xiaomi USB Drivers For All Xiaomi SmartPhone“. This USB drivers are fully supported with your Xiaomi Smartphones. No Matter your devices older or newer.


It is compatible with a wide variety of Windows flavors. Old and new. Both 32-bit and 64-bit.


The Xiaomi USB Drivers are 100% secure. It is made by and offered directly by Xiaomi.


The Xiaomi USB Drivers are 100% free of cost. There is no need to pay a penny to use this software.


The Xiaomi USB Drivers supports ALL the devices in the Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, and POCO of devices.


The Xiaomi USB Drivers in this page are always updated to the latest version.


The Xiaomi USB Drivers we offer here are the official USB Drivers offered by Xiaomi.

Why do we need Xiaomi USB Drivers?

USB Drivers are of fundamental significance with regards to associating your Android gadget with your PC. Much more in this way, on the off chance that it ends up being a Windows PC; at that point, all things considered, the USB driver is an absolute necessity.

While it is totally evident that Android has made some amazing progress as far as sheer handling force and highlights as well, we can’t just deny the way that they are no place near supplanting Personal Computers (at any rate for Power Users). Indeed, generally, we can totally depend on the our cell phones.

Be that as it may, every once in a while, we may need to associate our Android gadget with our PCs for an assortment of reasons, for example, replicating media documents from PC to telephone or to reinforcement photographs to PC and such. In any such case, USB Driver is a significant perspective to an appropriate and mistake free association among Android and Windows.

We are at a state of time where everything is turning out to be remote and all the administrations are turning out to be cloud-based. There was where we needed to purchase DVDs to tune in to music and watch recordings. Presently, that isn’t the situation. The vast majority of the clients have proceeded onward to gushing administrations.

We don’t need to download the media and spare them to hear them out any longer. At any rate not to the degree that we used to. Everything is dependant on the web these days. Indeed, even the majority of the administrations we use on our gadgets are adjusted to a type of distributed computing foundation.

In any case, all that stated, we despite everything need to rely upon our PCs intensely with regards to specific assignments on our cell phones. You might need to tidy up some space on your gadget by sponsorship up old media; in which case you need to associate with a PC to move and store the records – mind you, the extra room is still entirely restricted on cell phones when contrasted with PCs. There are numerous such use cases. Associating your Android gadget to your PC isn’t disappearing for a not so distant.

Download Xiaomi usb drivers

File Name: Xiaomi USB Drivers

MediaTek USB Drivers File Size: –  10MB

Qualcomm USB Drivers File Size: –  8MB

Mi Flash Tool: – 50.05MB

ADB Fastboot Tool: – 5MB

Updated on: Feb 2020

How to install Xiaomi usb Drivers

There are two methods to install Xiaomi USB Driver. First is USB drivers installation via Mi Flash Tool and Second is Manually USB driver installation process. Here we discussed both method for Xiaomi USB drivers installation.

1. Install Drivers via Mi Flash Tool

Here, you need to follow some steps to install latest Xiaomi USB drivers in just few clicks. So lets start to install Xiaomi USB Drivers.

  1. First of all you need to Download the MiFlash Tool zip file from above link.
  2. Now, Extract the downloaded file on the PC and Choose “Xiaomi Mi Flash.exe” file. 
  3. After installation, you need to just open Mi Flash Tool.
  4. Here, you need to click on the ‘Driver’ option located on the top-left of the tool’s window.
  5. At this point, you can see some not installed USB drivers, so you need to click on Install button as shown in the picture below.Check list of drivers and click on install

That’s it. Here is the complete installation process of Xiaomi USB Drivers by using of Mi Flash Tool. Now Lets Move to the Second Method of Installing Xiaomi USB Drivers.

2. Manual Installation OF Xiaomi USB Drivers

Here, you need to follow some simple steps to install latest Xiaomi USB drivers. In this process, you need to install Android SDK Tool and Enable USB Debugging on your Xiaomi smartphone as well. So lets start to install Xiaomi USB Drivers.

  1. Download And Install Android SDK Tool, (Click here to Install)
  2. Download And Install ADB Fastboot Tool, (Click here to Install)
  3. Enable USB Debugging, (Click to enable USB Debugging)
  4. After all this, Download USB Drivers from above link,
  5. Now, extract the downloaded Zip file and copy the Extracted File To ADB Fastboot Tool Installed folder, (E.g: C:\adb)
  6. Here, you need to connect PC to Android Device with standard USB cable,
  7. In adb folder, in empty area “Press Shift Key + Right Click” and Click on “Open PowerShell Window here”Xiaomi USB Drivers- Shift + right click
  8. Now, type the command in PowerShell Window, “adb reboot bootloader”
  9.  Here, you need to open Control Panel > Devices Manager > Other Devices > Unknown Device, Right Clickon “Unknow Devices and click on Update Driver”right click on unknowndevice
  10. Here, you need to click on Browse My computer for Driver Software,Click on Browse My computer for drivers software
  11. Click On Let Me Pick From List,Let Me Pick From List
  12. Here, you need to Select Show All Devices, Select Show All Devices
  13. Now, Click On Have Disk Option, Click On Have Disk Option
  14. At this point, select Browser then navigate the extracted Zip file of USB drivers and Choose according to your PC OS,Extracted Xiaomi USB drivers
  15. Click on Android WinUSB,Click on android winUSB
  16. Select Android Bootloader Interface and click on next, Select Android Bootloader Interface and click on next
  17. Now Click on Install button and wait for the completion of process, Xiaomi USB Driver successfully Installed
  18. Xiaomi USB Driver successfully Installed.

That’s it. Here is the complete installation process of Xiaomi USB Drivers by using of ADB Fastboot Tool.

Xiaomi usb Drivers - FAQ

What is Xiaomi USB Drivers for Xiaomi SmartPhones?

USB Driver for Mobile Phones, in general,  is a program or utility which allows the users to effectively connect their mobile devices to their computers. In this case, we are dealing with Xiaomi mobile devices. Another use case is that the USB Drivers help app developers to test their apps by putting their apps on a mobile device. All the app developers create their mobile app using a desktop computer such as a Windows PC or a Mac and it is hard to completely test the software without actually putting it on a mobile device. Xiaomi USB Drivers for Mi, Redmi and POCO makes this possible for Xiaomi smartphones running Android.

For which platforms are Xiaomi USB Drivers for Mobile Phones available for?

The Xiaomi USB Driver for Xiaomi devices is available for all Windows Operating systems ranging from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are supported. Unfortunately, it is not available for the desktops or laptops running Mac OS X or macOS.

Is Xiaomi USB Driver for Mobile Phones free?

Indeed. The USB Driver is offered by Xiaomi officially and you need to pay nothing to utilize it on your PCs. There is no forthright installment or in-application installments to evacuate notices or open extra highlights. There isn’t any type of ad in the program either. It’s perfect and free.

Is Xiaomi USB Driver for Mobile Phones safe?

Truly. The authority Xiaomi USB Driver is 100% safe for your PC or Laptop and your smartphones too. There are no types of any noxious code in the program and it suitable for clients everything being equal.

How regularly is the Xiaomi USB Driver update?

There is no fixed calendar or course of events wherein Xiaomi update the USB Drivers. Updates are pushed out to resolve any bugs and improve execution as and when required. All the updates come straightforwardly from Xiaomi.

How would I install the Xiaomi USB Driver for Xiaomi SmartPhones?

You can install Xiaomi USB Driver for Mobile Phones by Two different installations methods which had shown above. The means to installation are given in the establishment area simply over this FAQ segment. It is as straightforward as introducing any standard Windows application or program.

What gadgets does Xiaomi USB Driver for Xiaomi SmartPhones work with?

The Xiaomi USB Drivers are planned explicitly for Xiaomi SmartPhones like Mi, Redmi, POCO running Google’s Android working framework. All the Xiaomi Smartphones are completely upheld by this USB Driver. Different gadgets are not bolstered.

Does Xiaomi USB Driver for SmartPhones require a web association with use?

No. Xiaomi USB Drivers for Mobile Phones don’t require a functioning web association so as to be utilized on your PC/PC. Xiaomi Smartphones is associated with the PC through a USB link, so there is no requirement for a wifi or Bluetooth association either.

Would I be able to see the content on my device with a Xiaomi USB Driver?

No. Xiaomi USB Driver for Mi, Redmi, and POCO just gives the fundamental framework records which empower your Xiaomi Smartphone to adequately speak with your PC. You can’t see your telephone’s content with the Xiaomi USB Driver for SmartPhones. With the end goal for purchasers to see what’s on their smartphone and deal with the equivalent, we suggest a program called Xiaomi PC Suite which is likewise accessible for Windows.

Does Xiaomi USB Driver work with both versatile and work area gadgets?

The USB Driver programming is intended to be introduced on a Windows PC or PC to empower smooth correspondence between a Xiaomi Smartphones and a Windows PC. You would require a Xiaomi Smartphones to utilize it with your PC.